In the construction market, there are many different materials that are used for renovations and creating new objects. However, there is one technology that stands ahead of all the others. Glass fiber reinforced concrete also known as GRC (GFRC), is now one of the most commonly used natural materials in the construction industry, with exceptional durability and texture. Its composition consists of specialized sand, cement, water, alkali resistant fiberglass, appropriately selected chemicals and/or colorants, which are dispensed in the appropriate proportions according to a specific technological regime; it has become the company’s secret. What sets it apart from others is primarily the ease of use, thanks to which we can achieve freedom in shaping the space surrounding us. Its main advantage is also plasticity, versatility and lightness, which gives you the freedom in forming the shape. Not without significance is unique hardness and strength of fiber concrete, it is characterized by its high resistance to destructive external factors such as sun, frost and corrosion.

GRC Beton Poland Company – a national leader in the GFRC technology, working in accordance with its motto „GRC is the freedom of designing and building”, uses fibro-cement to produce panels and cladding, decorative and functional elements, including: floor slabs, kitchen and bathroom tops and windowsills. Due to the high standard of aesthetics, the fiber-concrete material is becoming increasingly popular with customers who want to be happy and satisfied with the final results of construction and finishing work in their homes, and more.