Application of GFRC (GRC)

Architectural concrete reinforced with fiberglass (known under the names of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete – GFRC – or Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete – GRC), is a building material used primarily in façades and facades of buildings, as well as for the production of decorative and decorative elements. This product group includes, among others, floor panels, claddings, kitchens and bathroom countertops, window sills, architectural details and small garden architecture objects.

What does GFRC (GRC)consist of?

In terms of composition, GFRC does not differ much from its traditional counterparts – in both cases we are dealing with a composite resulting from mixing water with aggregate (usually sand), binder (cement) and appropriate additives.

The obvious difference is the presence of fiberglass reinforcement. In a traditional reinforced concrete steel reinforcement takes over tensile stresses, while concrete transfers compressive stresses. Likewise, with GFRC – lightweight and durable fiberglass transports tensile stresses, while the concrete mass protects fibers from corrosion, UV radiation, variable temperatures or impurities, and transfers compressive stresses.

Where can GFRC (GRC) be used?

The presence of glass fibers in GFRC makes it light and plastic, and thus easy to model. Of course, the use of GRC for the construction of structural elements (such as load-bearing walls, ceilings or binders) is not a good idea. Remember, however, that it is a material that works well as building materials for façades, facades, wall panels, claddings, countertops or interior furnishings – bathtubs, washbasins or even furniture. Of course, GFRC can be used in private homes as well as in public places – in buildings, parks, etc.

The most common applications of glass fiber reinforced concrete are panels placed both on the façades of buildings and in interiors of flats. In addition, the facade elements – columns, window strips or external friezes – are also made of GRC. The GFRC composite can also be used as a cladding material in tunnels or a material from which decorative pavement and pavement plates are made.

GFRC (GRC) products

Panels, flagstones, window strips, columns or friezes are not the only products that can be made of GFRC. This material is also a very interesting solution for monuments, small garden architecture, furniture or even lamps. GFRC plasticity is also an asset, for example when building skateparks or creating various patterns on the surface of the panels.

Where to find suppliers of building materials such as GFRC (GRC)

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