Applications of GRC

Fiberglass reinforced concrete GRC technology allows for: absolute freedom in shaping the space, structure and texture of the surface, hardness and strength of steel, plasticity and versatility of plastics, natural grace of concrete, optional color scheme, all of this in the parameters of the weight and thickness of the panels – several times smaller than traditional elevation, obverse, reinforced or structural concrete. As a consequence of its unique features, this substance works as exposed concrete. Fibro-concrete and fiber-cement materials are also perfect for using them as decorative concrete. Fire resistance is not the only feature that characterize this material. GRC concrete is also resistant to corrosion, sun, frost, atmospheric pollution and similar existing factors which can be devastating. Because of its weight and elasticity, the material is often used for renovation. And in this cases it also works perfectly as exposed concrete, protecting old buildings from erosion. Using it as decorative concrete, conservators, architects and designers may combine the old with the new, and gain a new quality of the city. Fibro-concrete and fiber-cement materials are bases for facades panels or in lining tunnels too. Lastly, it is important to highlight that usally GRC resurfacing cost less than resurfacing concrete.

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Road and railway noise barriers

Canals and curtain channels for electrical wires

Panels on bridges, overpasses and concrete tunnels

Stay-In-Place Formwork (SIP)

Melioration and drainage systems

Municipal sewerage – modernization of old channels – not opencast

Rail and road infrastructure – turf slabs

Acoustics and interiors

Monuments and architectural details

Landscape architecture and sculpture

Interior equipment

Pavement and stone paving slabs