Applications of GRC

GRC concrete – application

GRC Glass Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is not only great for renovating monuments, but also for the creation of completely new architectural landscapes and sculptures.  Thanks to its plasticity and lightness and the possibility of almost any coloring and the creation of any solids, the designer can realize even the most nonconformist designs and sketches. In addition, its simplicity and durability which superpass the rest of the architectural and structural concretes making it possible to use the facilities of urban, park, private spaces for many years.  This applies not only to aesthetic additions, such as fountains, but also to functional elements of arrangements such as benches or fences.

Our architectural GRC concrete also has an excellent resistance to external factors, such as. temperature change or high sunshine. It is also extremely resistant to corrosion. Thanks to this, GRC (GFRC) structural technology is applicable to many monuments and sculptures, as well as to the construction of all types of landscape architectural objects and elements.  GRC concrete is also fire resistant (refractory) and, thanks to its improved structural strength, it can be used in areas subject to constant high temperature exposure.   The composition of fire–resistant GRC concrete include high endurance cement, quartz sand, alkaline fiberglass and water.  The use of these raw materials makes GRC concrete not deformed and it can be successfully used for central heating boilers, flue gas chimneys or industrial furnaces.

Concrete fence boards

Concrete fence boards made using GRC (GFRC) glass fiber reinforced concrete are very easy to assemble and they are resistant to weather conditions and extremely stable.  We cordially invite you to familiarize with the details of our offer.  All this is achieved with perpetual resistance to corrosion, sun, frost, atmospheric pollution etc. – and many other factors that devastate modern human living space.

Decorative concrete

GRC Beton products can also be used for the stylish finishing of flats or commercial premises.  Decorative concrete perfectly harmonizes with natural wood, glass and metal. This combination will create a modern interior design. The grey GRC decorative concrete is an ideal base for creating original arrangements (especially when combined with live color additives). The use of decorative concrete is not limited to walls.   It also looks great on the fireplaces in the living room, in the bathroom instead of tiles, or on the kitchen worktops.

GRC fiberglass (glass reinforced concrete) is a raw material that is becoming increasingly popular due to its excellent performance parameters. It is one of the most preferred building materials selected by architects and engineers and its area of application is constantly expanding.