GRC Beton Poland wishes to support designers in both the public and private sectors, so they can easily break with routine and use modern building materials to realize their visions and architectural designs. Thanks to fiberglass reinforced concrete GRC technology, art which includes architecture, can dynamically develop and benefit from the limitless possibilities of using a high-quality GRC concrete composite. The use of colored architectural concrete allows for creative and non-conformist concepts, as well as breaking with generally accepted templates and schemas. Such non-routine elements as facade-panels or GRC cladding infuse a city structure with a new life. GRC concrete is distinguished by its excellent strength and resistance to external factors, which allow for its use in reconstructing damaged historic buildings and to create so-called „street furniture”. Glass fiber reinforced concrete can be used also in tunnel linings. Moreover, facades-panels can be used as elements that associate the old with the new. Because of its exceptional qualities, GFRC is used as decorative concrete. Regarding the elements of garden architecture, among others, they include: benches, flower-pots, tables, trash bins, stair railings, fountains, water cascades and many others.

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