Panels on bridges, overpasses and concrete tunnels

Road and rail tunnels, bridges and viaducts, all these structures need a strong and non-combustible composite – concrete with distributed reinforcement. As one of the most popular and commonly used building materials nowadays, glass fiber reinforced concrete is used in most buildings, in tunnel linings and also as a base for GFRC wall panels. Thanks to its strength, durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions including corrosion (carbonation, chloride corrosion, chemical corrosion, sulfate aggression, etc.), it is used in many areas, such as diaphragm walls, road construction, railway tunnels and other lining. The structural system within the slurry wall is most often used during the execution of deep excavations and foundations of buildings. GRC wall panels are plastic, lightweight and easy to transport and install material and it is for this reason why they are often used for lining road and tunnel cladding. They are fastened to the structure using a mounting system design. Because of that, GRC wall panels are perfect for lining tunnels. Treated glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) can be freely shaped. GRC panel can be created in such a way as is needed. It provides excellent protection of tunnels, while maintaining the aesthetic appeal. Lining GFRC is the solution, that ensures safety and unique look for all structures. GRC panel is often used as an element of acoustic barrier also. Thanks to GFRC wall panels, street and railway noise ceases to be as disruptive, and the environment is nicer and more user-friendly.

2b3 150x150 Panels on bridges, overpasses and concrete tunnels2b3 1 150x150 Panels on bridges, overpasses and concrete tunnels