Rail and road infrastructure – turf slabs

Properly planned and solidly constructed rail and road infrastructure is an important and necessary element for the proper functioning of society and the economy. Elements such as concrete pavement slabs and acoustic paving are a solid piece of the urban environment. To complete the overall constructions and structures requires especially hard and durable materials that will be resistant to environmental factors such as rain, temperature changes, ice, road salts, fumes and dusts, and the like. Thanks to the simplicity in installation and outstanding durability of the material, exposed concrete reinforced with fiberglass GRC (GFRC) is ideal for the formation of road and rail infrastructure. It can be freely used for shaping forms and the fact that it is much more durable than traditional architectural and construction concrete makes it perfect for making pavement and paving slabs. In addition, it is thin and light material that is easy to deliver and install. It makes that acoustic barriers, which are composed of GRC wall panels, are so popular. GRC concrete is also perfectly suited for execution of aesthetic curtain channels, turf slabs.

2b7 150x150 Rail and road infrastructure   turf slabs2b7 1 150x150 Rail and road infrastructure   turf slabs