Landscape architecture and sculpture

Architectural concrete reinforced with fiberglass GRC (GFRC) works great not only for renovation of monuments, but also the creation of entirely new objects of landscape architecture and sculptures. Thanks to its plasticity and lightness, the possibility of almost any coloring and creating any blocks, the designer can fulfill and realize even the most daring and nonconformist designs and sketches. In addition, its simplicity and durability exceeds other architectural and structural concrete, and makes possible its use in facilities of urban, park, private space etc. for many years. Because of that, the material is perfect for the production of cladding for facades. Due to its qualities, GRC cladding can be one of the manners of presenting new ideas in the urban infrastructure. Elements created from GRC concrete linked with cladding for facades by its structure, color, etc. provides an outstanding look for complexes of buildings.
All of this is due to the fact that this material has excellent resistance to external factors, including: change of temperature, sun and all forms of concrete corrosion. With many realizations of monuments, sculptures and all kinds of objects and elements of landscape architecture, we can observe the application of reinforcement technology of distributed GRC (GFRC). This material is used, among others, to make benches, tables, pedestals, rubbish bins, playgrounds, and even skate parks, and lots of other architectural objects filling the public space. It is also a great base for such products as GRC fire resistant cladding.

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