Pavement and stone paving slabs

Pavement, paving slabs and concrete tiles are exposed to many unfavorable external factors, both atmospheric and those related to daily life. The ideal material for creating abrasion resistant slabs is high-grade structural concrete reinforced with fiberglass GRC (GFRC). Thanks to total freeze resistance, fire resistance, low weight and high strength it is often used by professionals who favor its ease of transport and installation. This fire resistant concrete is also extremely plastic so it can be easily formed into the proper texture, structure, color and ornamentation while maintaining its crucial properties. This high-grade architectural/facing concrete is ideally suited for use in decorative concrete tiles or panels which will maintain its aesthetics, originality, and above all, strength. The extensive use of GRC concrete and its flame resistance makes the raw material become increasingly popular and more common, and the effects of its use are visible almost everywhere.

2g 150x150 Pavement and stone paving slabs2g 1 150x150 Pavement and stone paving slabs