Is it necessary to carry out formwork in case of using the architectural concrete?

paź 9, 2017

Formwork, also known as planking, called informally as board or clapboards is used to give the right shape of a concrete mix. It is a form made of...

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Concrete panels as fireplace cladding

wrz 4, 2017

Fireplace makes original and functional decoration of any home. It creates a family and cozy atmosphere, and everyone, especially on cooler evenings,...

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How to care for architectural concrete floors?

cze 19, 2017

Architectural concrete on the floor makes a dramatic impact. It perfectly emphasizes the style of interiors in modern and minimalist style, but is...

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How to transport architectural concrete slabs?

kwi 18, 2017

Transportation of construction materials is not the easiest. Care must be taken to prepare, transport and secure the materials. What is the safest...

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What are retaining walls?

mar 22, 2016

Retaining walls are independent structures in the form or walls or elongated parietal pillars with a straight, step or chamfered inner side. They are...

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Can concrete catch fire?

mar 18, 2016

Concrete is a non-flammable material and cannot catch fire by itself. Of course, its surface can burn, e.g. when it is covered with a flammable...

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What are retaining walls made of?

mar 3, 2016

In general, retaining walls are relatively simple structures. The simplest of them can be built from ordinary branches, wooden boards or logs and...

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What type of concrete slabs can be used for façades?

lut 22, 2016

Concrete slabs that will be used to cover façades need to meet a few criteria. First and foremost, they have to be lightweight. The reason is...

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Will architectural concrete be right for the bathroom?

lut 22, 2016

Bathroom designs using architectural concrete are becoming more and more popular. It is a tough material, significantly more lightweight than...

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What should you choose, GMC or TRC?

lut 9, 2016

The fundamental difference between GMC and TRC is the use of zirconium glass fibre in them. GMC (glass fibre modified concrete, GFRC in American...

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