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GRC Knowledge Center serves our customers with the information in the field of GRC concrete composites. In this section we will find out what exactly is glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) and what is its purpose. On the basis of research and technical data we will present what is its advantage over other  architectonic materials in this category and what are its properties and composition. For easier assimilation and understanding of the subject, we quote some definitions, which  will help you discover the benefits of our product. We will try to explain what its popularity is based on, and we will try to protect our customers from fraudsters wanting cheaply replace the material GRC with cheap imitations. In this section we also introduce the parameters of GRC concrete and the elements it is made of. In the next section we will suggest how to design an object or item using this material and what the process of its implementation looks like. We will also try to answer any questions regarding the details of the order and the waiting time for the selected GRC product.

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Glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) – what is it?

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