Glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) – what is it?

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GRC or GFRC) is currently one of the most modern construction technologies.

High-grade GRC (GFRC) concrete composite is much stronger and a far more durable product than traditionally used architectural and structural concrete. The production phase and a highly sophisticated multi-component recipe, during which there are added alkali-resistant glass fibers to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of shrinkage cracking mostly occurring in plasters, sprayed layers of repair mortars and other elements of concrete surface, greatly differentiates it from other products of this type. GRC architectural concrete (facing, elevation, decorative and artistic), has  much higher module of elasticity in contrast to the raw materials using polypropylene fibers. This makes it much more sturdy, durable, plastic and easier to form into any solid. Products and architectural elements made ​​by the GRC method compose perfectly with the space surrounding us by creating an aesthetic wholeness. In addition, they have a superior resistance to particularly unfavorable external factors, including low temperatures, sun and all forms of concrete corrosion. Our products are ideal to use in modern both industrialized and aggressive urban and industrial environment.