Monolithic flooring – advantages and disadvantages.

Despite the presence of many modern and interesting construction solutions on the market, traditional monolithic flooring still has numerous followers. This is caused by a few different reasons.
First and foremost, when building monolithic flooring, there is no need to use heavy equipment. Besides, construction materials necessary for building it can be acquired without problems – steel bars and concrete can be bought easily, while planks can be later used to build the roof. Furthermore, monolithic flooring can be built in a variety shapes, also including atypical, round or polygonal shapes. That and it is not too thick (from a few to a dozen or so centimetres) and is characterised by good acoustic and thermal insulation characteristics. If it is built according to the best construction practices, reinforced concrete flooring forms a smooth and even surface on both sides, that is the floor and the ceiling.
Unfortunately, they also have some disadvantages. First and foremost, they are relatively heavy and building them is labour-intensive, since they require full formwork and complicated reinforcement, constructed by a professional. Furthermore, there should be no stoppages during the works – after setting up the formwork and reinforcement, concrete should be poured immediately, of course while remembering to vibrate and cure it properly. Unassisted construction of such flooring is impossible and thus help of excellent professionals should be employed during the mentioned works.


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