What are GMC and TRC?

GMC and TRC are two names for with glass fibre-reinforced composite.
GMC, i.e. “glass fibre modified concrete”, is – as indicated by its very name – a mortar modified with glass fibre. The differences between GMC and GRC can be quite significant despite the fact that both products belong to the same family. The most important differences are related to the glass fibre content, as the glass fibre content in GRC is from 2 to 5 percent of all the dry components of the mixture by weight. GMC contains significantly less fibre – from 0.1% to 1% of the weight of the mixture’s dry components. Thus, GMS is not used like typical concrete, but, rather, this name refers to plasters, glues, self-levelling floorings and grouts additionally containing small amounts of glass fibre.
On the other hand, TRC, i.e. “textile reinforced concrete”, is a concrete where reinforcement takes the form of meshes or mats made of glass fibre, thus replacing lightweight meshes made of steel. Sometimes, additional reinforcement in the form of small amounts of distributed fibres is used. TRC is an excellent alternative wherever the concrete layer is too thin to use a steel mesh. Steel corrodes much faster than glass fibre. Due to this investors more and more often replace steel meshes with plastics, which are excellent even for very thin concrete covers.


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