What factors have an impact on the colour and surface of concrete?

Numerous factors have an impact on the final look of architectural concrete, i.e. its shape, texture and colouring. They include:
– material-related factors,
– design and structural factors,
– technological factors.

The components of concrete undoubtedly fall within material-related factors. Both the composition of the concrete mixture and its consistency are important. Choosing the proper cement is not without importance either. Using metallurgical cements (CEM III) gives concrete bright and relatively uniform colouring. Each change in the raw materials can have an impact on the colour and structure of concrete. That is why it is important to ensure a supply of identical concrete mixture components thorough the entire concreting period.

Design and structural factors include such aspects, as the size and shape of individual components, distribution and purity of reinforcement, and also the thickness of reinforcement coating.

The look of concrete is also influenced by technological factors, related to the type and structure of formwork, optical gaps in the surface, i.e. joints, the size, manner of laying and compacting the concrete mixture and the antiadhesives in use. Even the curing of fresh concrete after stripping is not without importance.


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