What is the process of producing concrete?

The concrete production process is, contrary to appearances, relatively complicated. It is not enough to put all the necessary concrete mixture components in proper machines. It needs to be done in the proper order, remembering about the proper amounts of individual components and the compound preparation time. Each of these ingredients has a huge impact on the end characteristics of the composite.

First, following the concrete specifications and appropriate research, the mixture formula is determined. Each of its basic components, i.e. cement, aggregate and water, has to meet fairly restrictive standards. Next, the admixtures and additives are chosen, their presence is just as important, as proper aggregate and cement proportions. Individual components, depending on the composite’s intended use, are dosed by hand or automatically, using a computer. Aside of that, they are under constant supervision by the person responsible for the quality of concrete. Next in line, the mixture components are transferred in proper order to mixers, where concrete is created. In most cases the concrete is mixed again during transport to the construction site or another target area, though sometimes it is not necessary.

Of course, each manufacturer has their own industrial infrastructure used for concrete production. It is not created in singular devices, but in entire manufacturing complexes, consisting not only of mixers, but also of feeders, containers, dispensers or properly adapted storage areas.


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