What type of concrete slabs can be used for façades?

Concrete slabs that will be used to cover façades need to meet a few criteria.
First and foremost, they have to be lightweight. The reason is obvious – the lighter the slabs, the easier they are to fasten. Even the strongest anchors or glues may turn out to be insufficient in the case of heavy concrete, particularly in a situation where we are dealing with violent weather phenomena – cloudbursts or strong winds. We should also rememver about the low absorptivity of concrete slabs, since water not only increases the weight of the cladding, but also freezes in low temperatures, which may damage the façade.
Furthermore, a façade concrete slab has to be resistant to mechanical damage. The ability to easily remove soiling, e.g. mud of organic tarnish, is an additional asset. We should also remember about frost resistance and good fire resistance, and also resistance to natural UV radiation, which may cause discoloration. Aesthetic matters are important as well – concrete slabs have to look perfectly and be easy in treatment.
All the above criteria are met by façade slabs made of GRC concrete that you can order at GRC Beton. Our products are tough, durable and have all the necessary certifications and attestations. Furthermore, they come in various shapes, dimensions and textures, tailored to your liking. If you decide to take advantage of our offer, then your façade will maintain its original appearance for a very long time.


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