With or without admixtures – which concrete should you choose?

For decades now concrete is the most popular construction material – however, as reported by the Journal of Environmental Engineering, its production is characterised by very high environmental costs. In the consecutive concrete production processes, large quantities of carbon dioxide and harmful dusts are released to the atmosphere.
Does this mean that if we want to build more ecologically, we have to give up one of the cheapest and most popular construction materials? Not exactly. The latest research suggests that there are ways to increase the concrete’s absorptivity of carbon dioxide generated in the process of producing cement. Introducing proper construction methods already allows for increasing the absorption levels by about 5 percent.
Aside of that, the technologies for producing cement and concrete currently in use allow for a significant reduction of the amount of harmful gasses ending up in the atmosphere. Production companies add fly ashes to cement mixtures, ensuring higher workability levels of mortars and concrete mixtures. When these ashes are reutilised, the harmful process of storing them in landfills is avoided, providing additional protection for the natural environment.


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