How to prepare the construction site for a winter break?

Method of preparing a house under construction for a winter break mainly depends on its condition. The experts say that the best time to stop the construction is construction of a building in the shell open state, i.e. without doors, windows and walls. Stoppage of the construction at this moment will allow free bounding of the concrete, besides there is not any valuables in the building yet. Therefore, it is […]

How to prepare a concrete, which will be frost-resistant?

A frost-resistant concrete is a composite resistant not only to low temperatures, but also to water freezing in low temperatures. There are capillaries in each mortar, in which water accumulates. Low temperature makes the water freezes, thereby increasing its volume and bursting capillaries and, consequently, the concrete. Mixing frost-resistant concrete is primarily associated with two activities. The first one is to create a composite with a low water-cement ratio. While[…..]

What are the advantages of GRC concrete compared to traditional concrete?

GRC concrete (also known as GFRC fiber-concrete or fibre-concrete) is an architectural decorative composite enriched with alkali-resistant fiber glass. GRC abbreviation stands for the first letters of English expression “Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete”. GRC is one of the most advanced materials currently used in the construction industry. The differences between GRC and the traditional concrete relate to the components and manufacturing technology. The basic ingredients of GRC are, as in the[…..]

Why execution of the construction works in the winter is not recommended?

It is worth noting at the beginning that the construction work in the winter is not recommended, but it does not mean that it is completely impossible. In winter it is possible to perform most of the work at home, it is only important that the temperature inside was positive, although in the case of some building materials adapted to the low temperatures, this is not a problem. In the[…..]