How to plan convenient paths in a garden?

The planning of the location of paths in the garden is not as simple as it may initially seem. For this reason, we should begin with the detailed drawing of a plan of the estate along with the individual elements of the garden architecture. The shape of the paths and the material from which they are made should correspond with the facade of the building. It is also worth remembering, […]

How to ensure that our facade lasts for years?

There is no one way guaranteeing the long-term longevity of a facade because different types of facades react differently to external conditions. The durability of the most popular plaster covers is determined by several factors. One of them is the resistance to changing environmental factors. Some plasters (acrylic, silicone) are more resistant to rain or moisture, others (silicone and mineral) are resistant to high temperatures, while mineral plasters are also[…..]

How to take care of the external plaster of a building?

Unfortunately, the comprehensive care of external plasters isn’t the most common maintenance procedure. Although any physical damages such as scratches or flaking of the plaster from the wall are usually removed fairly quickly, hardly anyone is cleaning the external plasters. This is a major mistake, because under a layer of dirt the plaster may be damp and the composition of the contamination may include fungi and lichens, which are particularly[…..]