How to achieve acoustic comfort in a building?

Achieving acoustic comfort in a building is a relatively complex issue, depending primarily on the type of burdensome noise. There are four basic types of noise: transportation noise, housing estate noise, neighbor noise and household noise. The methods of protecting against the first three types of noise overlap to some extent. The most important in this case are tight external and internal envelopes or partitions. Their noise insulation factor should […]

How to use concrete in the interior decoration of the bathroom and the kitchen?

The type of concrete, which is usually used in the design of the kitchen or the bathroom, is known as architectural concrete. It is more durable and more ductile than traditional concrete. It is often covered with interesting patterns and textures and impregnated with special chemicals limiting moisture absorption. Different color variations of this type of panels are used, but the most common one is the traditional gray in various[…..]

How to build foundations so that walls will not crack?

The high quality of the foundations depends on several factors. The most important of these is the correct design. It should primarily focus on soil properties, such as its density, humidity, compressibility and consistency. Other equally important factors include the groundwater levels and, in the case of certain types of substrates, the depth of frost lines. We should also remember about appropriate expansion joints in the foundations and high quality[…..]