How to build retaining walls in the garden and what materials to use?

Masonry, stone, concrete, dry, made of prefabricated components – there are many ways to execute retaining walls in the garden. Which one should you choose? This depends on our abilities, funds that we want to spend on the project and the purpose of the wall. Retaining walls serve various objectives in the garden – they support higher flowerbeds, are used to decorate and support a stone garden, to hide unattractive […]

How to finish a facade in an interesting way?

Your beautiful house is already standing, but is still lacking character? We can fix this by selecting an original and stylish facade. There is a multitude of options to choose from – depending on the size of your wallet and personal taste you can certainly find something right for you. Especially since you can go a little crazy and combine various textures and colors in the search for the ideal[…..]

How to improve the acoustic insulation of walls?

The rules concerning the acoustic insulation of walls in an apartment are described by the PN-B-02151 – 3:1999 standard. The acoustic insulation coefficient RA1 specifies the number of decibels reduced by a particular type of partition, although in the construction industry the R’A1 coefficient is typically used. It can be treated as the absolute value of the permissible noise regardless of the quality of the partition’s execution or the transfer[…..]