What adhesive best to use for attaching GRC?

The issue of securing GRC with adhesives arouses quite intensive discussions among professionals in the construction industry. Some believe that adhesives provide good fixing only in dry interiors. Others, however, argue that the only situation in which anchors should be used instead of adhesive is laying GRC panels outdoors, on a façade insulated with mineral wool. Apart from the above case, GRC can stick to any suitably strong and primed […]

How you can GRC be decorated?

There are several ways GRC can be decorated. The most common of them involves placing an appropriate template on the surface. The pattern can be made manually, either at a factory or directly on-site, though far more common practice involves the use of special, large-format matrices. These can be arranged on a vibration table; the customer then receives the finished product decorated with a pattern. The matrices can also be[…..]

Differences between thick and thin concrete?

The term “thick concrete” is rather conventional and rarely used by professionals. The only case where one can encounter this term is when it is compared to “thin concrete”. In this perspective, “thin concrete” is a non-bearing composite with very low compression strength. Similarly – thick concrete is structural concrete, whose parameters allow its use in walls, stairs, etc. Blinding/evening concrete, or simply “thin concrete,” is a relatively cheap composite[…..]