What is the difference between cement and concrete?

Sometimes we are faced with strange statements implying that cement is “bagged concrete”. Naturally this is not true. Cement is simply the key component of a concrete mix. Generally cement is a mineral binder which, obviously, is produced in cement plants. Its most essential property is setting after its make-up with water. To put it quite simply, basically cement is made of mineral components (marl, limestone or loam) baked into […]

Is each concrete panel suitable for use on elevations?

Not each concrete panel may be considered the optimum choice for use on an elevation. Such a choice may appear to be obvious, yet many people tend to forget crucial features of concrete panels, admissible as elevation covering. In the first place concrete elevation panels have to be as light as possible. This is of particular importance, as even the best anchors or adhesives may prove to be insufficient for[…..]

What are the ingredients of a concrete mix?

The basic components of a concrete mix is aggregate (such as sand), binder (cement) and water. Only those three components are sufficient to produce a concrete mix. Naturally it is also possible to apply specific admixtures and additives that specify properties of the composite. The application of additives is not the only way to determine properties of concrete, because this may also be done by assuring appropriate proportions of its[…..]