Role of admixtures in the production of architectural concrete

The most important function of architectural concrete is the aesthetical function – such a composite should in the first place assure a good appearance. This reasoning leads to the necessity of formulating a mix of sufficiently high quality to assure that ready panels are as resistant as possible to external factors or the passage of time. Thanks to high execution quality the concrete casing maintains it appearance over quite a […]

What is aerated autoclaved concrete?

Aerated autoclaved concrete is a popular construction material, which in most cases has the form of individual blocks, or seldom beams, ceiling slab hollow bricks or floor slabs and roof slabs. It is basically used for the construction of walls, but may also be used for example for the construction of lintels, floor slabs or columns in knee walls. The basic difference between a traditional composite and aerated autoclaved concrete[…..]

What is light transmitting concrete?

Light transmitting concrete, i.e. Litracon® is a transparent construction material used in architecture, art and construction. It was invented by a Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, who in 2001 developed a formula for this material together with scientists from the University of Technology and Economy in Budapest. Litracon® offers all properties of traditional concrete. It is relatively durable, and acquires the density ranging from 2100 to 2400 kg/m3. It is produced[…..]