Monolithic or beam and block flooring?

The choice between monolithic and beam and block flooring should be made after comprehensive consultations with the designer of the house, since both solutions have their disadvantages and advantages. Monolithic flooring is more expensive, more labour-intensive and harder to build than beam and block flooring. It is also heavier, which is not without an impact on the shape and arrangement of the internal load-bearing walls and ceiling binders. Building it […]

How to prevent cracks in concrete?

When writing about cracks in concrete, one should remember that they are a natural component of any concrete surface, which is particularly visible in the case of floors. Yes, there is a number of ways to minimise the risk of cracks appearing, but eliminating them completely is very difficult. The presence of cracks can have a negative impact on some parameters of the concrete surface, such as, e.g., waterproofing or[…..]

Is concrete waterproof?

The most popular classes of concrete, such as C 16/20 or C20/25, are not waterproof in the same way as, e.g., the majority of plastics. Of course, water does not leak through a concrete structure freely, but if the composite is exposed to long-term humidity or the presence of high pressure water, then, after some time, water stains can be observed appearing on the concrete surface. This happens because of[…..]