What factors have an impact on the colour and surface of concrete?

Numerous factors have an impact on the final look of architectural concrete, i.e. its shape, texture and colouring. They include: – material-related factors, – design and structural factors, – technological factors. The components of concrete undoubtedly fall within material-related factors. Both the composition of the concrete mixture and its consistency are important. Choosing the proper cement is not without importance either. Using metallurgical cements (CEM III) gives concrete bright and […]

What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete is a structural material consisting of concrete and reinforcement in the form of steel inserts. They can be bars, strings, cables, lines or nets, they can also be large cross-section rigid steel components (e.g. U-sections, I-sections, etc.) Using steel components in concrete is meant to increase its tensile stress strength. Concrete alone, with no added steel, is perfectly able to deal with compression stresses, but its tensile strength[…..]

Monolithic flooring – advantages and disadvantages.

Despite the presence of many modern and interesting construction solutions on the market, traditional monolithic flooring still has numerous followers. This is caused by a few different reasons. First and foremost, when building monolithic flooring, there is no need to use heavy equipment. Besides, construction materials necessary for building it can be acquired without problems – steel bars and concrete can be bought easily, while planks can be later used[…..]