What is the process of producing concrete?

The concrete production process is, contrary to appearances, relatively complicated. It is not enough to put all the necessary concrete mixture components in proper machines. It needs to be done in the proper order, remembering about the proper amounts of individual components and the compound preparation time. Each of these ingredients has a huge impact on the end characteristics of the composite. First, following the concrete specifications and appropriate research, […]

Concrete corrosion – when does it occur and how can you prevent it?

Concrete corrosion occurs wherever the surface of concrete or reinforcement is exposed to the effects of various kinds of destructive factors. Very roughly speaking, it is assumed that there are three types of concrete corrosion: physical, biological and chemical corrosion. Physical corrosion is caused primarily by processes related to concrete cavitation, abrasion and erosion, as well as water freezing in its pores. It is relatively easy to detect since it[…..]