Is there such a thing as ecological concrete? Would concrete without admixtures be more ecological?

The question of the ecology of concrete, raised more and more often within the construction industry, is much more complex than it would appear at first glance. First, we should remember that cement production causes CO2 emissions. Saying nothing of the disputes between the supporters and opponents of the thesis that climate warming is attributable first and foremost to humanity’s actions, it is, regardless, a fact that the emission of […]

What do you paint concrete with?

There are a few types of paint for concrete. The most popular of them are epoxy, acrylic, silicone acrylic and urethane-alkyd paints. Epoxy paints are water-based preparations consisting of two different components mixed together about 30 minutes before starting to pain. Aside of fresh concrete, other types of surfaces should be primed before applying consecutive paint layers – two are usually enough. Furthermore, a few days are usually required for[…..]

How to properly care for fresh concrete?

Proper concrete care is just as important for its life and general properties as proper composition, laying and vibrating. That is why if you plan on carrying out independent construction work, you must remember about proper consultations with professionals, who will clearly determine the scope of care-related work to be executed. Individual concrete care methods are distinguished depending on the season when the construction work takes place. Generally, a simple[…..]