With or without admixtures – which concrete should you choose?

For decades now concrete is the most popular construction material – however, as reported by the Journal of Environmental Engineering, its production is characterised by very high environmental costs. In the consecutive concrete production processes, large quantities of carbon dioxide and harmful dusts are released to the atmosphere. Does this mean that if we want to build more ecologically, we have to give up one of the cheapest and most […]

What are GMC and TRC?

GMC and TRC are two names for with glass fibre-reinforced composite. GMC, i.e. “glass fibre modified concrete”, is – as indicated by its very name – a mortar modified with glass fibre. The differences between GMC and GRC can be quite significant despite the fact that both products belong to the same family. The most important differences are related to the glass fibre content, as the glass fibre content in[…..]

How to accelerate the readiness of subsoil for laying concrete floors?

Deciding on constructing floors on soil, we should prepare a very thorough design, since it is a barrier that is constantly exposed to the presence of cold and dampness from the soil. A floor, in contrast to, e.g., a wall, is relatively difficult to dry and thus it has to not only be stable from the very beginning, but, most importantly, properly insulated. Otherwise, we are facing very costly and[…..]