What type of concrete slabs can be used for façades?

Concrete slabs that will be used to cover façades need to meet a few criteria. First and foremost, they have to be lightweight. The reason is obvious – the lighter the slabs, the easier they are to fasten. Even the strongest anchors or glues may turn out to be insufficient in the case of heavy concrete, particularly in a situation where we are dealing with violent weather phenomena – cloudbursts […]

Will architectural concrete be right for the bathroom?

Bathroom designs using architectural concrete are becoming more and more popular. It is a tough material, significantly more lightweight than traditional composite and, furthermore, its surface can be covered with any kind of pattern or remain smooth. If it is used in a bathroom, then it is often coated with additional impregnants limiting humidity absorption. Furthermore, architectural concrete can have various colours, though mild shades of grey are the most[…..]

What should you choose, GMC or TRC?

The fundamental difference between GMC and TRC is the use of zirconium glass fibre in them. GMC (glass fibre modified concrete, GFRC in American terminology) are concretes and cement mortars modified with glass fibre. These products are thus based on cement and glass fibre is used to improve the mechanical and rheological properties of the modified materials (fibre reinforcement). The finished products will be construction chemicals: plasters, grouts, repair mortars,[…..]