What are retaining walls?

Retaining walls are independent structures in the form or walls or elongated parietal pillars with a straight, step or chamfered inner side. They are made of concrete or reinforced concrete and also from concrete blocks, bricks, stones, hollow blocks or gabions. They are structural components that transfer the load of the secured structure to the ground. The simplest retaining walls have the form of a wall driven to the proper […]

Can concrete catch fire?

Concrete is a non-flammable material and cannot catch fire by itself. Of course, its surface can burn, e.g. when it is covered with a flammable material – fuel, varnish or plastic, etc. Nevertheless, concrete alone is not combustible in the same manner as, among others, wood. This does not mean, however, that it is completely resistant to the effects of fire. True, a concrete wall provides excellent protection against flames,[…..]

What are retaining walls made of?

In general, retaining walls are relatively simple structures. The simplest of them can be built from ordinary branches, wooden boards or logs and used as protection against sand blown in from the desert – besides, in some parts of the world you can find such structures even today. They are of course relatively primitive, so it is no surprise that if there is an option to use a different and[…..]