Is it possible to put the architectural concrete on the terrace?

Terraces are usually associated with wooden platforms and barriers – this natural material is a good choice concerning the contact space between the house and its surroundings. However, in case of modern arrangement solutions, the wood will not always work. Many investors prefer minimalist style and focus on more innovative materials. The way to a modern terrace with original appearance is undoubtedly architectural concrete. Architectural concrete on the terrace – […]

Technology of the architectural concrete production

Architectural concrete is a material with special properties – it combines the aesthetic qualities with the resistance and strength of an ordinary concrete. Thanks to the use of appropriate materials and best workmanship technology, it is possible to achieve the composite which combines these features. Production of an architectural concrete – selection of components During the production of architectural concrete mix, the components are of great importance. Please note that[…..]

What color can be used for architectural concrete?

Architectural concrete, as the finishing material, must meet certain characteristics. It should certainly be resistant to external conditions, as well as it must have a small mass of concrete panels, necessary to mount them securely. Let’s not forget also about the aesthetic values – the use of this material in different colors and shapes allows for the realization of even the most bold projects and construction of unique objects. Concrete[…..]