vandal resistance in concrete facades

What is “vandal resistance” in concrete facades?

For several decades, concrete has been the favourite building and architectural material almost all over the world. However, despite its durability and resistance to weather conditions, damage can occur in it, caused by the human factor, unfortunately. Graffiti can effectively spoil not only ruin your day, but also an unprotected facade, penetrating deeply into the material structure. However, there are ways to protect yourself from vandals and save time for […]

What is the difference between fibroblast and ordinary concrete?

Technological development and more and more advanced architectural designs lead to the creation and development of modern and constantly improving building materials. The same is true for concrete, where years of work have led to the creation of a top-quality material capable of meeting the needs of even the most demanding designs and users. Concrete with structural reinforcement – otherwise called fibre concrete – is a material containing short, discrete[…..]

What does the term “concrete strength class” mean?

What does the term “concrete strength class” mean?

Constructors and designers all over the world rely on concrete as a strong material that provides safety and is easy to handle. It can be found in almost all building types – residential, commercial, multi-floor and even in municipal infrastructure – roads, bridges and many more. Despite its wide range of use, many of its users still do not know about the matters directly connected to ensuring the endurance and[…..]