Glass-fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) has a lot of applications. Due to its properties it is often used for the production of wall and veneer linings, GRC elevations, ventilated facades and concrete elevation slabs of various types of buildings, including monuments and public buildings. GRC are primarily spatial elements (3D), irregular blocks, allowing to give objects an original and non repetitive character. GRC wall panels can make the building differ from its surrounding, both in terms of the form and the appearance. This material has a high resistance to adverse external influences such as temperature changes, sun, pollution and all forms of concrete corrosion. GRC panel is a perfect tool to protect a building from destruction. Additionally, GRC concrete, cladding, facade-panels and concrete slabs produced by GRC Beton Poland, contain hydrophobic safeguards, so that so-called vandal-proof and graffiti-proof elevations become real. Our facade-panels are finally protected from acts of vandalism. All of that increases the standard within the aesthetics of urban and public space.

The use of this material (due to its plasticity) is easy both during installation and processing. Because of that, GFRC wall panels cause that creating of any structure is as easy as ever. It is also much lighter and smoother than ordinary elevation concrete. Facing and elevation GFRC wall panels are thinner up to a dozen times from the traditional ones, while their durability and strength does not change. Freedom of shaping forms, elements and objects, makes GRC concrete more often and more willingly used for wall linings, ventilated facade, GRC elevation and facades of the buildings. GRC panel makes that a building stand out from “the crowd”. GRC wall panels also allow an edifice to last for a long time.