Wall panels made of GFRC (GRC)

Until recently, GRC wall panels were associated primarily with the industrial style or industrial construction. Currently, this trend is slowly changing – glass fibre reinforced concrete wall panels, placed on the facades of residential and public buildings, are an increasingly common choice among developers and private investors. There are many reasons for that.

The reasons for the popularity of GFRC (GRC)

Facades made of GRC panels owe their growing popularity to many factors. The most important are:

Universality of applications.

Thanks to the possibility to freely shape the GFRC surface, panels made of this material look great in practically any arrangement.

GFRC facade panels cannot only take on different factures, but they also come in all sizes, shapes and colors. This makes them an optimal solution when designing and creating facades, both for commercial and industrial buildings as well as for public utilities. They also work well in housing, both in single and multi-family buildings.


Thanks to the technological solutions used, GFRC wall panels are resistant to both variable atmospheric conditions, UV radiation and corrosion caused by pollution. Properly installed, they do not deform or break, preserving their natural, elegant appearance for many years.

What’s more, the GRC panels offered by our company contain additives, thanks to which the surface of the panels exhibits hydrophobic properties. This makes our GRC panels very resistant to dirt and thus easy to clean. This also applies to acts of vandalism in the form of graffiti – extremely difficult to remove from traditional facades, much easier to wash off of our GFRC panels.

Easy assembly.

Our GFRC panels are very light and at the same time they cope well with stretching stress. Therefore, the risk of their destruction during transport or assembly is minimal – it is absolutely enough to apply universal safety rules related to the transport and assembly of GFRC panels.


The surface of the concrete wall panels offered by us can be freely shaped. The same is true when it comes to the thickness of the panels, their dimensions, shapes or durability parameters. This makes our facade concrete panels ready to be used in any well-thought-out arrangement – both indoor and outdoor.

Concrete wall panels offered by GRC Beton

Thus, it can be seen that facade panels made of GFRC (GRC) are definitely a better solution than traditional acrylic plaster or wood-like or polystyrene boards. Therefore, if you are looking for manufacturers of GFRC panels, GRC Beton’s offer is the right thing for you. All the more so that we also provide installation services of the GFRC panels you buy from us.

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