Glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) is an ideal choice for the construction of (levation building walls, cladding for facades and also installation of ventilated facades. Thanks to ventilated facades GFRC glass fiber reinforced concrete), the building gains excellent insulation properties, making it easier to maintain a constant temperature and user friendly microclimate indoors, and optimize the costs of air conditioning and ventilation. In addition, customers will be able to enjoy an ideal interior humidity and terrific acoustics in objects formed by facades GRC. Using GRC technology, perfectly even and smooth plane of the fcçade is easily attainable, and will allow durability and resistance to adverse external factors which will delight for many years. Facade-panels produced in this technique may please the eye for a very long time. The unique plasticity of the raw material which is fiber-cement GRC (GFRC) allows you to execute even the most unique and unusual visions of designers. It also guarantees the aesthetic appearance of newly created or restored buildings, both inside and outside. Facades GRC are perfect tool to restore the balance in a spatial infrastructure of the city. The lightness and extraordinary ease of transport and installation of this material makes it the product of choice for professionals when constructing ventilated facades, elevations and the creation of the so-called small architecture and interior equipment elements, restoration and revitalization of historic monuments. GFRC facade-panels and cladding for facades can be a bond connecting the modern with the antiquated, the simplicity with the extravagance. This qualities make facades GFRC one of the best solutions for new and bold designing.

Effective architecture with GRFC facades

GRFC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) facades are a great alternative to other façade materials. Architectural concrete gives architects great opportunities – it allows maneuvering in shape, color and form, which is then reflected in the unconventional visual effect. Also the high versatility persuades us to choose GRC facades. They look perfect both as a standalone and in combination with other components such as glass, wood or ceramics. Their durability and simplicity of installation also determine their popularity. GRFC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) façades do not generate problems associated with competitive solutions based on wood, stone or painted plaster. They are resistant to the destructive effects of environmental factors, do not splatter and require no special impregnation. The use of GRC facades is not limited to the elevation of residential buildings. They will also be useful for roadside cladding, acoustic lining or facades for high–end facilities such as multi–storey office buildings. GRC facades are characterized by many-years of customer trust  and their quality is confirmed by European CE certificates.