The necessity to create and build durable and user-friendly public buildings, the existence of which is necessary for the proper functioning of society and the economy, requires the use of adequate building materials. To construct elements of urban infrastructure there’s a need to use an extremely durable and long lasting material that looks good and will withstand many years. Thanks to the advantages it holds, as well as positive feedback from users, the most suitable material in these cases is fiberglass reinforced concrete GRC. Its strength, and also the ease and speed of use and installation, makes it sought for and frequently used in works of both urban and industrial infrastructure. In addition, glass fiber reinforced concrete is used in a wide variety of designs and projects due to its easy transportability. The effects of its use can be seen in: bridges, retaining walls, cladding for facades, melioration and dehydration systems, road and rail noise barriers, canals and curtain channels for electrical wires and pipes, as well as municipal sewers. Thanks to its features, this substance can also be used as a base for tunnel linings. Glass fiber reinforced concrete is the material that make such products as cladding for facades or even tunnel linings not only useful and durable, but it also allows for shaping them in a modern, aesthetical manner.