GFRC (GRC) linings

GRC linings and GFRC panels are associated primarily with facades and wall coverings in rooms decorated in a modern, industrial style. That association is, of course, an accurate one – GRC panels are popular in new construction, both in industrial buildings and public utilities, such as detached houses and multi-family buildings. It does not matter whether it is a facade of a building, the stairwell or a cozy living room – glass reinforced architectural concrete cladding look great in every well-thought-out project.

Concrete cladding panels and their use in transport infrastructure

Facades or wall surfaces in various interiors are not the only places where we are able to encounter GFRC panels. Increasingly, such claddings are also used as wall coverings in some elements of road and railway infrastructure – on bridges and viaducts, as well as in tunnels or passages. There are many reasons for this.

First of all, GFRC claddings are fireproof. In addition, they can take harmful external factors very well. Variable weather conditions, large daily temperature fluctuations or heavy rain or snowfall will not cause GRC cladding any substantial harm. Moreover, architectural concrete reinforced with glass fibre is also resistant to corrosion (carbonate, sulfate, leaching, etc.), as well as the presence of exhaust fumes or shock caused by moving vehicles (cars, trains, etc.).

In addition, during the production process, substances strengthening the hydrophobicity of the cladding surface are added to the composite. Thanks to that, GFRC panels last longer, maintain their perfect appearance and are easy to clean. This is especially important in the case of urban road and railway infrastructure, which is often a victim of graffiti artists.

Also, do not forget that GRC claddings used to cover the walls of viaducts, tunnels or bridge pillars are light and relatively easy to assemble. What’s more, during the production process, you can freely customize such a cladding – and thus give it the right shape, dimensions, thickness and durability parameters.

GFRC cladding panels offered by GRC Beton

Concrete cladding, which you can find in GRC Beton’s offer, one of the longest-established contractors in the GFRC cladding market, can be used as cover for concrete tunnels and walls, as well as bridges and viaducts. Aesthetic, environmentally safe, fire resistant and shockproof, GFRC cladding is sure to meet your expectations for a perfect wall covering of buildings included that make up the road and railway infrastructures.