Road and railway noise barriers

GRC (GFRC) elevation concrete has many applications in both the urban and industrial infrastructure. It is often used as a lining of bridges, overpasses, retaining walls, embankments, and also noise barriers set at the railroad tracks and streets with increased traffic. GFRC panel is one of the most popular tools, using in structures that separate a build-up area from a movement cacophony. Thanks to its aesthetically pleasing appearance and its smooth surface it is perfect for the role of sound-absorbing barrier. Research has shown that the use of the  GFRC panel with a thickness of 9.3 mm on the wall of the acoustic corridor, dampens sound and reduce traffic noise by 31.2 dB. Considering that the noise from the street is maintained mostly at frequencies of 100 – 3200 Hz, these results are, at least, very satisfactory. GRC concrete is a durable and resistant material, and can easily become an attractive part of the gray area around the routes due to its ductility and ease of modeling the forms. Noise barrier made of GRFC wall panels or bridges designed by professional designers can easily be transformed into a comfortable, pleasing to the eye and user-friendly piece of urban agglomeration.