Glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) can be used in the majority of construction projects. Its indisputable advantages, such as high resistance to temperature changes, fire resistance and excellent durability of the material for all types of corrosion, as well as all forms of aggressive urban and industrial environment, leads to the use of it in such difficult cases as tunnel linings. But it works not only in tunnels or canals, glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC gains popularity as the lining of bridges, overpasses, railway tracks and tunnels too. Its lightness and the extraordinary plasticity of this material means it is often used for installation of elevation, facade panels, road, rail and spatial linings. GRC concrete linings are easy to transport and install materials whose durability is several times higher than classic architectural and structural concrete, and other fiber-cement and fibro-concrete products. Lining GFRC and facade panels fixed to the structure by means of combined systems, will delight with its unique aesthetics and durability for many years. The use of reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) technology, makes road, rail and tunnels fireproof. Lining GFRC improves also the appearance of urban infrastructure, raising the quality of life and travel. Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) opens up new possibilities for lining tunnels and the creation of atypical facade panels. Designers can let their imagination run wild using GRC tunnel linings. GRC concrete used by good hands can ensure the safety and beauty of the urban infrastructure. Such process as lining tunnels may finally be thought anew.