Applying glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC (GFRC) during the designing stage, we can be assured that the results will create a pleasing aesthetic for many years. Thanks to its unique characteristics and specific resistance to unfavorable external factors this material can be used to make cladding, create decorative elements and so-called „street furniture”. Freely colored and decoratively dyed, fencing and processed GFRC wall panels will introduce us to the original and modern space surrounding us. Moreover, the surrounding does not have to differ from “the natural” city structure, using the right cladding for facades may link the old with the new. Such solutions as GRC cladding give opportunities for modernizing a city structure. Fibro-concrete and fiber-cement panels make every architectural element pleasing in terms of aesthetics and taste. GRC concrete material gives endless possibilities for creation. Finally elements like cladding for facades can be shaped as you like it. You can achieve amazing effects and innovative solutions using it, both inside and outside the building. GFRC wall panels make a building’s appearance differ from “the crowd”. The unique plasticity of the material, combined with the non-conformist and unconventional designer’s vision can give you great results that will endure for years. GRC cladding can break the monotony of the city appearance.