Concrete ducts for electrical cables

Concrete ducts for electrical cables

Fibreglass reinforced GRC concrete is a universal material which is used, among others, in ducts and troughs for electric cables. Such casing constructions are often created in places with unfavourable external conditions, where the cables are exposed to destruction. For this reason, it is necessary to use a material with high resistance to adverse weather conditions, as well as non-combustible material, in case of failure of the cable contained inside.

Why GRC concrete?

Fibreglass reinforced concrete has first of all very good strength parameters. It is often used in the field, as it is not adversely affected even by the worst weather conditions. In addition, this composite is distinguished by its fire resistance. Another feature, which is a special advantage when creating shields for electric cables, is the lightness of the GRC concrete, which allows for its quick transport. This variant is lighter in weight than the traditional composite and can therefore be used almost anywhere, in any environment and under any circumstances.

GRC concrete turns out to be an excellent option in situations where unconventional solutions are needed. It can be shaped in any form, which is useful in construction projects carried out in difficult areas. In such cases, the ease of transport and assembly of the construction material is particularly important. Due to its relatively low weight and free forming, GRC concrete is ideal for this type of installation.

Of course, casing structures can be laid not only to protect electrical cables, but also in places where pipes transporting gas, water or any other substance may be damaged. It is not worth saving costs on the construction of appropriate shields, because possible failures of cables contained in them often cause high losses and difficulties for large groups of the population, and the repair works entail considerable costs.


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