Differences between thick and thin concrete?

The term “thick concrete” is rather conventional and rarely used by professionals. The only case where one can encounter this term is when it is compared to “thin concrete”. In this perspective, “thin concrete” is a non-bearing composite with very low compression strength. Similarly – thick concrete is structural concrete, whose parameters allow its use in walls, stairs, etc.
Blinding/evening concrete, or simply “thin concrete,” is a relatively cheap composite used everywhere that requires placing a bottom layer of hard, but not too expensive primer. It can be used on terraces or as a spout under the floor, although the most common use of “thin concrete” is as a primer under foundations, especially reinforced concrete on sandy soils. The coat should be a maximum of 10 cm, placed directly on the ground – there is no necessity of casting over a film.
1 m3 of blinding/evening concrete includes only approx. 150 kg cement; this means that it achieves the maximum strength class C 08/10. Not all concrete plants have thin concrete in their offer, so you can try making this composite on your own without much risk.


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