How to care for architectural concrete floors?

Architectural concrete on the floor makes a dramatic impact. It perfectly emphasizes the style of interiors in modern and minimalist style, but is also an ideal way to finish the floor in the loft. Proves a good solution in public places. The floor of the architectural concrete allows to enlarge the room optically and makes a good finishing effect for furniture and accessories. Besides its aesthetic qualities, architectural concrete also has functional advantages – it is very durable and resistant to damage. More importantly, the process of producing architectural concrete floors is environmentally friendly – such a solution will undoubtedly be appreciated by environmentalists.

How do you care for architectural concreto floors? Contrary to appearances this is not very difficult – following some rules will make the stylish floor preserve its attractive look and ensure its functioning for a long time.

Architectural concreto floor – maintenance and care

The concrete floor will be easier to keep in good condition and care if properly impregnated. In this way we reduce evaporation of water and also obtain a nice gloss of the floor surface. Suitable for this purpose may be, for example, an acrylic resin based solution or a fluoropolymer or hybrid impregnate. To keep the floor in perfect condition for long stretches of time, make sure you clean it even in areas that are not usually exposed, e.g. under the furniture. The floor made of architectural concrete is resistant to abrasion, so we may vacuum and sweep it without any reservations.

For daily care of concrete floors we may use the mop, as it copes well with moisture. We may add special concrete curing compound to water. In the case of concrete floors laid for example on the terrace, where impurities may be more difficult to remove, use a medium hard brush and a mild pH detergent. The wet concrete floor can be dried or left to dry.


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