How to plan convenient paths in a garden?

The planning of the location of paths in the garden is not as simple as it may initially seem. For this reason, we should begin with the detailed drawing of a plan of the estate along with the individual elements of the garden architecture. The shape of the paths and the material from which they are made should correspond with the facade of the building. It is also worth remembering, that the paths shouldn’t only be located at the back of the house, in the garden, but also from the front, connecting the entrance doors with the gate or the garbage containers. In addition, some designers recommend a path around the house, for both aesthetic and practical reasons – a hard surface next to the walls ensures they will not get dirty very quickly. We should also remember, that every element of the landscape architecture should be located along the path. However, the number of paths should not be excessive or they will dominate over the plants. It is widely accepted that a gazebo or a hearth should be located further out in the garden, while a grill, flower beds or the possible children’s play area should be located relatively close to the house. We should also ensure the appropriate width of the paths as ones that are too narrow will make it difficult or impossible for two people to walk side by side. The best solution is to leave to design of the garden to specialists, especially in case of a new garden. Later on, after many years of enjoying the charms of a backyard garden, designing such a place on our own will certainly be far easier.


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