Is it necessary to carry out formwork in case of using the architectural concrete?

Formwork, also known as planking, called informally as board or clapboards is used to give the right shape of a concrete mix. It is a form made of wood, metal or other plastics (for example the plywood), which is used in the construction of concrete or reinforced concrete structures, less often in the production of concrete prefabricates. Formwork can be individual – used once in case of atypical forms or inventoried, that is, used for reusable. The planking can also be moveable – this means that it needs to be dismantled, as well as sliding or slideable – such structures are not required to be dismantled. Formwork is used, for example, for walls and roofs that have a skeleton form, as well as for the construction of structures made of concrete or reinforced concrete.

Does architectural concrete, which has other properties than the plain concrete, require formwork preparation? Take a closer look at this problem.

Forming of architectural concrete – what is it worth to know?

Architectural concrete needs formwork similarly to the common concrete. This is one of the factors, besides the type and composition of the mix, the concreting technology and further surface care that affects the quality of the finished product. However, in this case, the solution has to be tailored to its specificity. Functional architectural concrete formwork should be flexible and characterized by high quality. This should of course be fitted with properly aligned main frame profiles and locks of an adequate strength. Such formwork must also stand out in stiffness and should be resistant to deformation.

A useful solution would be to provide visual inspection of the concrete structure condition. Also the precision in preparation and execution of the formwork is very important. It is important to know that taking into account the requirements for architectural concrete formwork, it is possible to use an easily accessible, traditional planking. However, the individual elements of the structure must be properly assembled.


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