The use of GRC concrete in the renovation of historic buildings

To preserve and protect existing historic buildings from the effects of father time, the best solution is to use GRC concrete. The application of this type of concrete in the renovation of monuments is a common practice among conservators. Due to the favourable material properties: high resistance, durability, flexibility among others, GRC concrete is becoming more and more popular in architecture and reconstructive procedures. Materials used in the renovation of […]

The use of concrete fireproof claddings

The use of concrete fireproof claddings

GRC concrete reinforced with fiberglass is widely used in the construction industry. You can call it a timeless product, and its potential is only proven by its wide range of use. Thanks to its unique formula and extraordinary resistance, it is used not only for decorative purposes, giving the interiors an industrial character, but also as a fire-retardant lining. Modern fireproof claddings Structures made of reinforced concrete contain a fire-retardant[…..]

cleaning a concrete facade

Cleaning a concrete facade – what you need to know

Every building, regardless of what material it was made of, requires cleaning or washing after some time. If the concrete has already been impregnated, dirt or settling dust is very easy to remove. Usually, a strong stream of water and a small amount of chemical agent are sufficient for a specific type of surface. Before deciding to clean the facade, it is a good idea to get familiar with the[…..]

vandal resistance in concrete facades

What is “vandal resistance” in concrete facades?

For several decades, concrete has been the favourite building and architectural material almost all over the world. However, despite its durability and resistance to weather conditions, damage can occur in it, caused by the human factor, unfortunately. Graffiti can effectively spoil not only ruin your day, but also an unprotected facade, penetrating deeply into the material structure. However, there are ways to protect yourself from vandals and save time for[…..]