Technology of the architectural concrete production

Architectural concrete is a material with special properties – it combines the aesthetic qualities with the resistance and strength of an ordinary concrete. Thanks to the use of appropriate materials and best workmanship technology, it is possible to achieve the composite which combines these features.

Production of an architectural concrete – selection of components

During the production of architectural concrete mix, the components are of great importance. Please note that any change in proportions affects the properties of the resulting product, such as the structure or color of the concrete. A very important component of architectural concrete is cement – depending on the material used, we can obtain another color of the final product. Proper selection of cement also allows for the production of concrete resistant to external factors or resistant to the formation of shrinkage. The concrete mix also includes aggregates – their quantity and type are important for the structure of concrete as well as its color. Also special dyes can be used for the change of the concrete color. Architectural concrete can also be modified by special chemical admixtures (for example – plasticizers and superplasticizers that serve to impart an appropriate consistency) or mineral admixtures (e.g. blast furnace slag). It is important to maintain the homogeneity of the mixture. This means among others, that during production, one type of cement and aggregates from the same source should be used.

Production of architectural concrete

The homogeneity of the concrete mix for architectural concrete is not only the result of providing the right ingredients – the important is also the technology of production. During this course, you should carefully consider the accuracy of maintaining the correct ratio and repeatability in mixing. If any uncontrolled modifications occur during the production process, we can obtain a product, for example, with altered strengths or colors other than intended. As a result, the concrete mix should be produced in concrete batching plants where repeatable and correct batching of the individual components is possible.


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