The use of concrete fireproof claddings

The use of concrete fireproof claddings

GRC concrete reinforced with fiberglass is widely used in the construction industry. You can call it a timeless product, and its potential is only proven by its wide range of use. Thanks to its unique formula and extraordinary resistance, it is used not only for decorative purposes, giving the interiors an industrial character, but also as a fire-retardant lining.

Modern fireproof claddings

Structures made of reinforced concrete contain a fire-retardant layer to meet the fire protection standard, which is 2 hours on average. This rule aims to provide residents or travellers with sufficient time to evacuate from a building or tunnel. The capability of modern concrete claddings to maintain excellent adhesion at high temperatures leads to the increased safety of buildings.

GRC linings – why are they worth it?

One of the forms of concrete is used in more and more frequently is cladding made of glass fibre reinforced concrete. The interesting structure of the GRC has a more granular look than classic concrete, which also makes it a great material for the exterior of buildings. In addition, its lightness allows you to perform all kinds of cladding, resistant to temperature changes.

Modern fireproof claddings, regardless of the place of use – in residential buildings, tunnels, offices or industrial warehouses – retain their properties even in the most extreme conditions caused by weather or the actions of third parties. Using concrete materials, you can be sure that you made the right choice, because it prevents the spreading of fire between separate areas, provides protection of the escape route and delays the loss of bearing capacity of the structure.

Benefits resulting from the use of concrete cladding

  • high thermal efficiency – concrete cladding improves internal thermal comfort thanks to excellent tightness;
  • good sound insulation – concrete provides excellent sound insulation, thanks to which concrete cladding is particularly useful in busy urban areas or other noisy environments;
  • low maintenance costs – concrete cladding usually requires little maintenance compared to other materials;
  • high fire resistance – concrete claddings ensure excellent resistance against fire and its spreading; used in tunnels it protects passengers against external fires;
  • high durability – concrete claddings create durable facades with a long service life. They can also be easily dismantled and renewed.


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