What color can be used for architectural concrete?

Architectural concrete, as the finishing material, must meet certain characteristics. It should certainly be resistant to external conditions, as well as it must have a small mass of concrete panels, necessary to mount them securely. Let’s not forget also about the aesthetic values – the use of this material in different colors and shapes allows for the realization of even the most bold projects and construction of unique objects.

Concrete does not have to be gray

We usually meet architectural concretes in different shades of gray – this is the most traditional solution. This is a material that can have any color, all thanks to the admixture of the appropriate coloring ingredient. Depending on customer’s wishes it can be saturated color, extremely vivid, or quite the opposite – very pastel shade. The decision in this regard often depends on the role of concrete. Gray shades are usually used when we want to introduce a raw, modern or slightly industrial atmosphere in a given arrangement. In this case, in a standard color palette we will find different shades of concrete, from white to black.

However, on a special order we can decide to give the mixture a slightly more intensive color, which can be achieved using suitable pigments. In addition, when planning architectural concrete arrangements, we can use visual effects such as streaks or very delicate transitions between two or more shades of a single color.

Colorful architectural concrete can be a truly original decorative element. Its additional advantage is the fact that it is a very durable material and resistant to adverse effects of temperature changes, pollution or corrosion. That is why it is ideal not only in interior design but also in the construction of building facades. The use of this material makes it extremely useful material not only for construction but also for the purpose of decoration.


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