What is light transmitting concrete?

Light transmitting concrete, i.e. Litracon® is a transparent construction material used in architecture, art and construction. It was invented by a Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi, who in 2001 developed a formula for this material together with scientists from the University of Technology and Economy in Budapest.
Litracon® offers all properties of traditional concrete. It is relatively durable, and acquires the density ranging from 2100 to 2400 kg/m3. It is produced in the form of blocks with maximum dimensions of 1200 x 400 mm and the maximum thickness up to 500 mm, as well as panels with maximum dimensions of 3600 x 1200 mm of a thickness of 60 mm. Litracon® may be white, grey or black in colour. Between blocks and panels only slight differences occur in structure, which we outline below.
The thing that makes Litracon® such a unique material are the additives. In its basic version this additives comprise thousands of optical fibres. Particular fibres are laid parallel to each other and in a perpendicular way to the sides of the block. Their proportion is 4% by weight of the mix. As regards panels called Litracon pXL®, this additive consists in fibres of plastic that transmits light. The basic difference is that in panels the artificial material is distributed evenly (like pixels in a screen, hence the name of the product), while blocks have unique and rather regular patterns, which are nevertheless asymmetric. Besides both the blocks and the panels are made by hand.
The biggest advantage of Litracon® is its ability to transmit light, which is additionally enhanced by polishing the surfaces of blocks and panels. It is an exceptionally effective material that may be used as the basic building material of walls, as well as in the form of elevation panels or ceiling slabs. The presence of additives does not influence in any way the strength of concrete, also because this is a uniform material – between the fibres and the composite are no voids. Thanks to the offered properties, Litracon® is equally highly values by architects and by such artists, as for example sculptors. In addition it can also be used to achieve highly attractive solutions, such as lamps or partition walls that transmit light.


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