vandal resistance in concrete facades

What is “vandal resistance” in concrete facades?

For several decades, concrete has been the favourite building and architectural material almost all over the world. However, despite its durability and resistance to weather conditions, damage can occur in it, caused by the human factor, unfortunately. Graffiti can effectively spoil not only ruin your day, but also an unprotected facade, penetrating deeply into the material structure. However, there are ways to protect yourself from vandals and save time for later removal of unwanted artistry.

How to protect the facade against vandals

Among building enthusiasts, it is said that the facade is the face of the building. It has an undeniable influence on the appearance and reception of urban architecture – building facades are variable and individual, just like human faces. To maintain their value and aesthetic look, they must be under the best possible care and treated with an individual approach. What if someone decides to destroy the facade, covering it with colourful, but unsightly inscriptions? There is no sure-fire way to prevent such actions, but you can use solutions that will protect the surface from damage and allow you to effectively wash the graffiti off. Concrete preparations that form a protective anti-graffiti coating are there for the rescue. The effect of the protective agents is that the paint contained in the spray does not penetrate into the structure of the material to be protected, but instead bonds itself to the layer of protection.

Protective coatings suitable for concrete facades

Protective coatings for concrete surfaces are almost invisible to the naked eye. Two basic categories can be distinguished:

  • sacrificial coatings;
  • permanent coatings.

Sacrificial coatings are applied to the concrete surface and then washed away when removing graffiti from the wall. Their task is one-time protection, the coating gives up its role along with being washed off. To remove paint from such a protected substrate, use a high-pressure washer and water of appropriately high temperature. After cleaning the facade, the anti-graffiti coating loses its properties, so it should be applied again.

Permanent coatings completely prevent adhesion of graffiti to the concrete surface. They are substantially more expensive than sacrificial coatings, but if properly applied, they will serve and protect the surface for many years. Their task is to create a protective surface, which after vandalizing should be cleaned only with solvent. Thanks to it, the concrete does not absorb the colour contained in the paint and remains intact.


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